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Brain Stimulation Simulation Software

Neurophet tES LAB is AI-powered software to generate a 3D model using brain MRI and simulate electrical stimulation for treatment planning.

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tES simulation software based on personalized brain structures

 MFDS (Korea) certified 

Generates personalized 3D brain model using MRI and precisely analyze stimulating electric fields.

When you treat with tDCS*/tACS*, it calculates the electrode position expecting optimal stimulation effect for effective treatment planning.

*tDCS: transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
*tACS: transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation

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Fully automated brain MRI segmentation

AI-powered technique segments and analyzes skin, skull, CSF, white matter, and grey matter using MRI.

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Personalized 3D brain modeling

Automated modeling algorithm generates 3D brain model based on the analysis result of brain structures.

Easy electrode customizing

Customizes electrodes configuration for individual’s treatment purpose such as shape, size, number, position, type, and strength of electrode. (tES* parameters setting)

*tES: transcranial Electrical Stimulation

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Quick and accurate stimulation simulation

Beyond the limitations of conventional brain stimulation simulations, you can get the fastest and most accurate simulation results in a single solution.

With innovative technology, we help patients with brain disorders to go back to their ordinary daily life.

tES effect

Guidance for
electrode positioning

Easily view inward/outward
electric field

Easy, intuitive graphic
user interface(GUI)

Various color maps

Data export

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Neural image, treatment planning software



Product Certificate No.

19-4106 (MFDS, Class ll)

This product is a medical device.

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