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Cloud-based AI platform for brain image analysis

Neurophet SegPlus is
an AI-powered platform to analyze brain image for research use.

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Automated Process

Fully automated process enables image analysis without complicated preparation.

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Quantitative analysis

Provides quantified analysis values and analyzed images suitable for each type of analysis.

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Trial Version

Trial version of Neurophet SegPlus can be provided only for non-commercial and non-medical purposes, 3 times a day.

* Please consult us if you want to use analysis results obtained from the trial version for publication or presentation.
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AI-powered Neurophet SegPlus


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AI-powered brain image analysis

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The analysis can be completed within minutes using advanced AI engine and the accuracy is superior.

Automated process and integration

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Fully automated AI engine analyzes images and integrates the result data into personal image processing pipeline.

Convenience and accessibility

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Easily analyzes and manages in the web environment regardless of individual’s infrastructure environment and the result data can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Analysis type

Neurophet SegPlus provides various AI analysis technologies for brain research. Experience efficient image analysis technology.

Brain Volumetry Analysis

AI analysis that automatically segments T1-w brain MRI into multiple regions of interests(ROI).

Provides quantified volume information with normative percentile based on our own database.

Key feature

  • Volumetry of cortical & sub-cortical ROIs (Desikan-killiany based)
  • WMH Lesion Analysis

    AI analysis that automatically segments T2-FLAIR brain MRI into white matter hyperintensities(WMH).

    Provides quantified volume information of WMH.

    Key feature

  • Separately detects lesions of deep and periventricular white matter.
  • Trial version

    Anyone can access to Trial version after signing up.
    Experience the features of Neurophet SegPlus.

    Free analysis 3 times per day

    Download volumetric data

    Right to use for publication or presentation

    Security & Protection

    Neurophet SegPlus prioritizes protecting private medical information..

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    All PHI is automatically

    Protected health information(PHI) defined by HIPPA regulations is automatically anonymized.

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    Easy to use, Strong security

    Automatically encrypt the medical data according to HIPAA and safely transmit customer data through security protocols.


    Fast and simple workflow optimized for research

    Provides optimized workflow according to various analysis types.

    Step 1

    Select the MRI image to analyze.

    All PHI is automatically anonymized.

    Step 2

    Analysis results can be viewed directly on the web browser.

    You can view the results from anywhere at any time.

    Step 3

    Download detailed analysis results and apply to your study.

    The result can be integrated into your research pipeline.

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    AI-powered Neurophet SegPlus

    1. Psychiatry investigation, Development of Random Forest Algorithm Based Prediction Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Neurodegeneration Pattern

    2. Brain Sciences, Split-Attention U-Net: A fully convolutional network for robust multi-label segmentation from brain MRI

    It depends on the type of analysis, it will be completed within 5 minutes in case of Brain Volumetry Analysis.

    There may be a delay to start analysis depending on the number of jobs in the queue.

    You will be notified by e-mail you registered on account when the analysis starts.

    It automatically de-identifies all PHI in image according to HIPAA regulations.

    If you want stronger security, please de-identify it yourself or convert it to NIfTI format.

    De-identifies the following DICOM tags.

    • [0008,0018] SOP Instance UID
    • [0008,0020] Study Date
    • [0008,0021] Series Date
    • [0008,0022] Acquisition Date
    • [0008,0023] Content Date
    • [0008,0030] Study Time
    • [0008,0031] Series Time
    • [0008,0032] Acquisition Time
    • [0008,0033] Content Time
    • [0008,0050] AccessionNumber
    • [0008,0080] InstitutionName
    • [0008,1010] StationName
    • [0008,1030] Study Description
    • [0008,103e] Series Description
    • [0010,0010] Patient's Name
    • [0010,0020] Patient ID
    • [0010,0030] Patient's Birth Date
    • [0010,0040] Patient's Sex
    • [0010,1010] Patient's Age
    • [0018,1030] Protocol Name
    • [0020,000d] Study Instance UID
    • [0020,000e] Series Instance UID
    • [0020,0010] Study ID

    Neurophet SegPlus enables stable analysis of images taken according to the recommended parameters.

    Please check that there is no reason for failure such as deviation from the recommended MRI parameters or artifacts.

    If the same problem occurs in the images with the recommended parameters, please contact or use the inquiry.

    Only analytical numerical values are available to download currently.

    If it is for research purpose, please send us content on your paper or presentation material through inquiry or e-mail to

    The 'Trial version' to experience Neurophet SegPlus provides 3 times analysis per day.

    If it is for research purpose, please send us content on your paper or presentation material through inquiry or e-mail to

    After an internal review, we will provide you extended license for your study through a written agreement.

    Please send us content on your paper or presentation material through inquiry or e-mail to

    After an internal review, we will provide you extended license for your study through a written agreement.

    Neurophet actively supports neuroscience and medical research.

    Neurophet defined the analysis exception data as follows.

    Following images may fail to be analyzed or may provide inaccurate analysis results even if they are analyzed.

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    Image Description


    Image Description

    RF overflow

    Image Description


    Image Description

    Fov error

    Image Description

    Enlarged ventricle

    Image Description

    (Brain Tumor)

    Image Description

    Lesion (Stroke)


  • Exceeded recommended spacing range
  • Missing part of image
  • Image of non-brain part
  • Artifacts

  • Severe noise
  • Zipper
  • RF overflow
  • Motion
  • FOV error
  • Brain structural changes

  • Abnormally enlarged ventricle
  • Lesions found in the brain (Brain tumor, Stroke etc.)
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