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PET Image Automatic
Analysis Software

Neurophet SCALE PET is software that quantitatively analyzes biomarkers targeted by a specific radiotracer using MR and PET images.

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Brain PET image analysis software quantifying PET tracer uptake

  MFDS (Korea) certified     US-FDA 510(k) cleared     MHLW (Japan) approved     HSA (Singapore) approved  

Quantifies SUVR* of biomarkers targeted by radiotracers using MR and PET images.

*SUVR: Standardized Uptake Value Ratio

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Various PET radiotracers

Calculates SUVR of PET tracer targeting brain image biomarkers such as Amyloid, Tau, Dopamine and FDG*.

*FDG: Fluoro Deoxy Glucose

*Country registration and approval for PET tracer types
  (MFDS: approved for all tracers available in Neurophet SCALE PET, FDA/MHLW/HSA: available only with Amyloid-PET and FDG-PET)

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Accurate analysis considering brain structure

Accurately measures atrophy of white matter and grey matter caused by neurodegenerative disorders and provides analysis results.
Provides SUVR calculation for 91 brain regions. (Regions on both the right and left sides of the brain)

User-friendly interface

Able to easily analyze in a web browser and to view analysis results in intuitive interfaces.

Provides an SUVR quantification report.

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Image Description

Improve work efficiency

Inter-operation with PACS to easily view analysis reports in PACS viewer.

Automatically provides analysis result without additional procedures for image analysis.

Provides an SUVR quantification report of various PET tracers observed in MR and PET images.

SUVR analysis

Compatible with
various tracers

Analysis report

with PACS

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Software for analysis of medical image


Neurophet SCALE PET

Product Certificate No.

22-4149 (MFDS, Class ll)

This product is a medical device.

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