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transcranial Electrical Stimulation(tES) device

Neurophet innk is non-invasive electrical stimulation that helps recover function and rehabilitation of patients with brain disorders.

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tES* device recovering brain function
through electrical stimulation

*tES: transcranial Electrical Stimulation

  MFDS (Korea) approved  

Neurophet innk helps patients recover from depression and stroke through electrical stimulation.

It is used to improve the attention and working memory of depression patients taking antidepressants, and the function of paralyzed fingers after a stroke combined with rehabilitation therapy.

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electrical stimulation

tES treatment has fewer side effects and high patient compliance.

Micro electrical
stimulation using electrodes

Provides precise treatment using various sizes of electrodes.


Small sized and lightweight device to conveniently carry with.

to use

Able to manage stimulation setting and log through innk App.

innk App allows you to set safe treatment plan for patients.

Manage 5 devices simultaneously

Save maximum 5,000 stimulation logs

View patient compliance (Provide CSV report)

Customized setting for treatment environment
(maximum stimulation times per day, break time between each stimulation, etc.)

Set stimulation parameter according to treatment plan(DC/AC/Sham)

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Clinical Evidence

tDCS* treatment paired with rehabilitation could persist improvement of functional movement for 3 months.

Patients with subacute stroke and chronic stroke received tDCS treatment (stimulation setting: 1mA, 20 minutes) paired with rehabilitation 9 times showed improvement on upper limb that persisted for at least 3 months.

*tDCS: transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

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Product Approval No.

21-621 (MFDS, Class lll)

This product is a medical device.

Experience electrical stimulation(tES) device, Neurophet innk

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