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Data management and analytics services specializing in brain imaging for clinical trials

Advance your clinical trials with a global neuro-imaging core lab.

Advanced Expertise in Neurology Research

CRO Services

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Neurophet, we specialize in AI-powered neuroimaging analysis, enabling pharmaceutical and biotech firms to enhance their drug development processes.
Our expertise covers MRI and PET imaging, biomarker analysis, and patient stratification. With our US FDA-cleared software, we offer reliable and efficient solutions to monitor treatment efficacy and safety. 
Trust Neurophet to provide the critical insights needed to drive successful clinical trials and groundbreaking therapies.

Why Neurophet? 


Neurophet brings expertise in AI-based neuroimaging analysis, with a proven track record in supporting global Phase III clinical trials for neurodegenerative diseases.


We are committed to delivering the highest quality results, using FDA-cleared software for MRI and PET scan analysis to ensure compliance and reliability in your research.


 Our collaborative approach means we work closely with your team, providing tailored solutions and comprehensive support to meet your specific research needs.


Pioneering new techniques and technologies, Neurophet continually pushes the boundaries of neuroimaging to offer innovative solutions that enhance your clinical research outcomes.

Speclizised Clinical Solutions
CRO services

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurophet offers advanced neuroimaging solutions for the study and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
Our tools provide detailed stuctural and functional insights, helping to quantify brain atrophy, molecular biomakers and other biomakers critical for understanding disease progression.

∙ Alzheimer's Disease Studies
∙ Parkinson’s Disease Studies

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CNS Demyelinating Disorders

Our specialized services for CNS demyelinating disorders focus on detailed imaging and analysis to track lesion changes and disease progression. 

∙ Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Studies
∙ NMOSD(Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder) Studies
∙ MOGAD(Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody-Associated Disease) Studies

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Cerebrovascular Diseases

Neurophet’s solutions for cerebrovascular diseases provide accurate detection and analysis of cerebral microbleeds, along with CT perfusion imaging, essential for comprehensive vascular assessment and effective treatment planning.

∙ Stroke Studies
∙ Vascular Dementia Studies
∙ Aneurysm Monitoring

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Developmental Disorders

Our neuroimaging solutions for developmental disorders provide critical insights into brain development in infants and young children, supporting early diagnosis and intervention strategies.

∙ Early Childhood Development
∙ Preterm Infant Studies
∙ Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy Studies

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Imaging Core Lab 

Unlock the full potential of your clinical trials with our advanced Imaging Core Lab services:

∙ Customized Imaging Protocols

∙ Expert Endpoint Definition

∙ Unbiased Independent Read Management

∙ Analysis with Neurophet products including FDA 510(k) Cleared products

∙ Site Training

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CRO Services

Our CRO Services are designed to support every aspect of your clinical trials, ensuring efficiency and success:

∙ Strategic Study Protocols

∙ Site Selection and Site Initiation

∙ Regulatory and Contracts

∙ Data Management and Statistics

∙ Data Interpretation and Reporting

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Navigate the complexities of clinical development with our expert consulting services:

∙ Regulatory Guidance

∙ In-Depth Medical Assessments

∙ Optimized Development Plans

∙ Seamless Operations

Neurophet’s Approach to Imaging Core Lab Services

Study Execution Overview

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Study Design

Provides comprehensive scientific and medical assistance in the study design phase.

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Study start up

Delivers study-specific technical documents, performs site/phantom training, and site qualification.

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Image Management

Data management system handles image submission, quality control, and query management.

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Neuro-image Analysis

Executes precision DICOM image processing and adapt leading-edge analysis to standardized protocols.

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Data management

Provides statistics results and integrate QC/QA processes.

Imaging CRO Services

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